There are family traditions, that are precious archetypal narrations,  handed down across the generations.
In Crodo, close to the swiss border, Moro – il cuore della pietra  has been working stone for three generations in a unique setting that combines the natural element with craftsmanship. A male profession that has, in our experience, evolved through a female business vision. A process marked by warmth and emotion able to welcome more ways that open out through time.




Mapping out a desire and turn it into a constellation.
In a flow of meetings, scenarios and professional experiences developed in the 
non-profit and cultural area, I imagine recycled stones as a project of applied art that identifies offcuts from natural stone processing as custodians of timeless meanings to be explored in a social and artistic context, fully utilizing the benefits of local resources and a short supply chain.

recycled stones is a journey in the making, accompanied by the people in my life, with those who will become involved.

Tiziana Scaciga Moro


The irregularity of offcuts
a source of inspiration
and identifying symbol -


recycled stones reinterprets the destiny of remnants natural stone, a narrative resource of astounding imagery, the point of departure for art objects and furnishing accessories, unique as passing clouds.

At recycled stones, the creative sensibility of the narrators of the contemporaneity and the craftsmenship tell a story  that recontextualizes within everyday role and value of the irregularity of production waste as a source of inspiration and the identifying symbol of the project.

We develop ideas into unique, collections that trace the interconnections between individual, environment and community.

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